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XRM is an entertainment and media technology company that combines compelling story telling with innovative distribution to push the limits of creativity in both the traditional and new media space. Our forward-thinking mandate provides fresh and unconventional platforms for voices that need to be heard and stories that need to be told. Through synergistic international partnerships and strategic investments, we create unique properties and businesses that connect with a global audience and build scalable technology and branded franchise concepts.

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In-house and sourced concepts accrue significant value via XRM creative team development support, data-driven validation of market potential and quality market-ready production outputs which are then connected to our large domestic and international distribution network. Our focus is to develop media properties that challenge how stories are crafted and consumed by synergistically weaving technology and content together.

XRM production capabilities touch all parts of the media content industry providing strategic synergistic value along the entire production process. From innovative interactive to full length feature films, our team, enhanced by our close partnerships with award-winning creative talent, is able to collaborate and directly produce content across all media types.



Artificial PosterArtificial
Bar Answer PosterBar Answer
What We Believe PosterWhat We Believe
Pharma Cartels PosterPharma Cartels
The Girl With Seven Names PosterThe Girl With Seven Names


Sorry to Bother You PosterSorry to Bother You
Traveliste PosterThe Traveliste
Dope PosterDope
Fruitvale Station PosterFruitvale Station
Roxanne Roxanne PosterRoxanne Roxanne


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